THe soccer speed secret your coaches don't know about
Discover How to Get Soccer-Specific Speed, Agility, and Acceleration
THe soccer speed secret your coaches don't know about
Discover How to Get Soccer-Specific Speed, Agility, and Acceleration
Soccer players need speed and agility...

It’s tough to get to an elite level without it.

Thing is, as much as soccer players want to get faster, and as hard as they try to get there, they usually don’t get that extra burst of speed they’re looking for.

And it’s due to a few key mistakes they’re making in their training.

If you’re a soccer player who wants to get faster, more agile, quicker, and a more powerful shot, I’d advise you to keep reading. 
In this short article, I’m going to share how you can elevate your performance and work towards becoming the fastest, and quickest, guy on the field.

And you reading this short article and skipping out on it could be the difference between:
  • Newfound speed and being stuck at your current pace
  • Agility and being heavy-footed
  • Riding the bench and playing at a higher level
Sit tight, this article may change your approach to soccer training forever.
First, I want introduce myself:
My name is Chris Barnard.
For over a decade I’ve helped athletes of all sports and ability levels improve their speed, jump higher, grow stronger, and become more athletic.

I've done this by training them directly, and providing free information and workouts on my Overtime Athletes YouTube channel. 
The channel currently hosts over 300,000 subscribers.

And a few years ago, I noticed that my channel gained a following of soccer players.

They made video topic requests, commented with supportive words, and even emailed me questions.

But at the time, I’d only worked with a handful of lower level soccer players.

I wanted to support the guys who supported me.

I Immersed Myself in the Soccer World
And the biggest surprise to me was the total lack of physical preparation.

I researched the top teams’ approach to performance, and noticed many of them place a heavy emphasis on field and skill work.

But, not many organizations tried to elevate their players physically.

Soccer players have a tendency to be naturally fast, and they do develop some agility from their skill work.

But, at the professional level of other sports, athletes are continue to strengthen their strengths.

The fastest guys continue to work on speed off the field.
The quickest athletes continuously work on their agility.

Naturally explosive athletes continue leaping their way to more power.

Soccer organizations assumed that skill work in practice was enough for speed, agility, and power.

I disagreed.

And I had the perfect opportunity to put my theory to the test when some professional soccer athletes reached out for support with their training.

That’s when I found:
There Are 3 Deep-Rooted Performance Myths Holding Most Soccer Players Back From Reaching Their Athletic Potential
My goal is to help you see the truth.

And the truth is, if you’re:
  • Doing Ball Drills Hoping to Become More Agile
  • Scrimmaging, thinking you’ll become faster
  • Sprinting or jump-roping hoping to get elite power and explosiveness
You Could Be Doing Things Better.
Thing is, many soccer players have been indoctrinated into the “old ways” of doing things as a soccer player.

And that’s what I’m hopefully going to break you out of.

Below, I’m going to share 3 myths that are deeply embedded in the soccer community.

These myths hold most players back from reaching their full performance potential.

I’m going to bust each myth, one by one, and give you some actionable advice. So you can enhance your performance immediately:
Myth #1:
Many soccer players associate weight training with big and bulky guys with pythons for arms.

And they believe that if they so much as look at a weight, they’ll balloon up into a heavy-footed, slow-moving, and stiff bodybuilding abomination.

The Truth: Your Body’s Physical Response Depends On The Stimulus

If you train like a bodybuilder, you’ll look like one.
But, if your goal is to become a more dominant soccer player, you should be training for performance - Explosiveness, Speed, Strength, and POWER.

Training FAST won’t make you big, bulky, or heavy footed.

You just have to follow the right plan.

More on that in a second.
Myth #2:
Skill Work and Ball Drills Will Make You Faster and More Agile
Many coaches brainwash their players into believing that they’ll become more agile and faster from the drills they do in practice, which are typically done with a ball.

There might be some truth to this.

But really, 

Skill work isn’t an optimal builder of speed and agility.

Because there’s so many factors that go into each drill, it’s hard to pinpoint each attribute.
For example, in the three goal drill, the player approaches and shoots on all three goals. He wants to do this as quickly as possible while also maintaining control of the ball and properly receiving the ball from each goalie.

There’s so many variables it’s hard to pinpoint and develop one aspect of your performance.

The Truth:

You need to isolate your speed and agility for optimal gains in these departments.

Many soccer drills combine aspects of speed and agility together, which is fine if you’re trying to work on your skills, but it’s tough to really become faster and more agile with so many factors at play.

Breakdown your speed and agility training into bite-sized pieces if you want to get better.

I’ll show you how in a second.
Myth #3:
I don’t know where this idea came from, but there are many soccer players who believe there’s some kind of minimum threshold for the amount of weight you should squat in order to make your plyometrics worth your while.

There are others who believe plyometrics are dangerous.

(Which can be true if you’re doing them wrong).

Some just think they’re a plain old waste of time, because jumping isn’t important in soccer as a whole.

And they resort to explosive sprints for more power.
The Truth: Plyometrics are a key factor in getting faster, more explosive, and developing a quicker first step.

They can even support your shot power.

There’s no minimum amount of weight you need to squat before using plyometrics.

And there’s no fear of injury, unless you’re performing them wrong.

Plyometrics are just another tool that will help you achieve success
The Soccer World Has Fallen BEHIND
Many sports have been quick to adopt strength training as a tool for enhanced performance.

Football, basketball, rugby, even baseball and tennis spend MILLIONS on strength & conditioning coaches and professionals each year.

Soccer has fallen behind.

The soccer world has been slow to adopt strength & conditioning as an accepted practice.

There may be a few coaches here and there who encourage soccer players to train for strength, power, and speed..

The Most Elite Players Are Taking Their Physical Performance Into Their Own Hands
Guys like Ronaldo, Mbappé, Lewandoski, and more soccer stars are seeking out the best of the best performance coaches for their physical training, speed work, agility training, and power training.

They’re not relying on their soccer coach for speed, agility, and power anymore.

They’re working closely with speed coaches and strength and conditioning coaches

These are the best performers in the game.

And they know…
If You Want to Become Faster, More Agile, and More Powerful, You Have to Separate Your Physical Training From Your Skills Training
The athletes mentioned above are the most dominant in the game.

They have the most pace, powerful shots, and most ball skill.

They didn’t get there by simply going to practice every day.

Soccer athletes at the elite level put in the extra work OFF the field.

And if you aspire to be even a small fraction as good as them, you should do the same.

But, it can be tough because...
There’s No SYSTEM For Soccer Strength and Performance
Until now.

I took note of the lack of guidance many soccer players have when it comes to strength & conditioning, speed, and power training and decided to release my soccer training system to the general public for the first time ever.

This System is designed to enhance players speed, agility, and power by separating the athlete’s skill work from their physical performance training.

I call this system the Soccer Performance System
Introducing… Soccer Performance System
Soccer Performance System is a 14 Week Program designed for soccer players who are prepared to outwork their competition and become faster, more agile, explosive, and strong. 


The Soccer Performance System will build your agility, quickness, speed, and power from the ground up using a science-based approach that has been tested by soccer athletes who’ve walked through the doors of my gym, and athletes all over the world. Inside, you’ll receive an approach to agility training, plyometrics to support your speed and power, mechanical drills to sharpen your running mechanics, compound lifts to support your force production, and more. In other words, there’s no stone left unturned. I address every physical component you need to become more lethal in your sport.


I’ve created whiteboard videos that will teach you the driving factors behind the Soccer Performance Program and made them available to you in an easy-to-consume video library. These videos will show you what to expect month-to-month in the program and teach you how to extract the best results possible.


I’ve written up a detailed manual on the theories and components behind the Soccer Performance System for athletes and coaches who want a deeper understanding of what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. You'll discover the driving forces behind one of the most effective soccer training systems available today. It’s so extensive that by the time you’re done reading it, you could develop your own soccer training program.


What’s the point of following a program if you don’t know if it’s making you better? There isn’t a point. That’s why I’ve created a testing manual that contains a series of drills to perform to develop a baseline of your speed, strength, lateral quickness, and power. You’ll perform these drills again once you’ve finished the program to see how much you’ve improved. As I always say, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.


When you get your copy of Soccer Performance System, you’ll gain access to the new, updated OTA Exercise Database. Inside, you’ll find extensive demonstrations of each movement, exercise, and drill you have to perform for the Soccer Performance Program. This ensures you’re performing each movement with precision, intent, and full confidence in each movement's effectiveness.



A key factor of your success on the field is your ability to quickly recover from bouts of high intensity work. That’s where this Anaerobic Efficiency Conditioning bonus comes in. In this bonus conditioning guide, you’ll be exposed to methods that will expand your gas tank and give you the ability to outwork your competition on the field.


Whether you're a coach of a youth team, a youth athlete, or just don't think you're ready for the weights, this program will deliver results. Inside of this program, I've compiled the top knowledge on training youth athletes and implemented them into this beginner soccer training program.

It's yours FREE when you get your copy of Soccer Performance System today.


If you can't make it to the gym, like the autonomy of training on your own time, or would rather train at home, this program is for you. It's the complete, 14-Week, Soccer Performance System program in bodyweight format.

I set out to make this program just as powerful as the normal Soccer Performance System program. And it's yours FREE when you grab Soccer Performance System today.




Martin Olsson - Professional Footballer

Bruno Oliveira de Matos - Professional Footballer

Eric Friedlander - Professional Footballer

What Makes Soccer Performance System Unique

The Soccer Performance System emphasizes the PHYSICAL side of soccer performance while many programs out there solely touch on the skills side of soccer training.

Soccer Performance System isolates speed, agility, and power training to give you a better chance at building these abilities, and maybe even becoming elite.
I’m absolutely certain Soccer Performance System will help you reach new heights of athletic success.

The training methods inside have supported the performance of professionals, college players, and high school guys all around the world in becoming faster, stronger, and quicker.

And I’m certain they can do the same for you.

In fact, I’m so certain you’ll see results with the Soccer Performance System that I’m willing to give you a risk-free one year trial run of the Soccer Performance Program.

This means:

If you follow Soccer Performance System for up to one year and for some reason you don’t see results….

Just shoot me an email at and I’ll grant you a full refund.


I’ll take things a step further and point you in a direction that will best support your performance.

So, you can think of this as a trial run.

A risk-free endeavor.

Or a test-drive.

However you want to frame it, know you’re going to see results, or you pay nothing.

How many trainers in your area are willing to put their money where their mouth is?

I’ve just pulled back the curtain on the many myths the soccer world hosts.

These myths hold most players back from reaching their full potential in areas of speed, acceleration, agility, power, and overall explosiveness.

Now that you’re aware of these myths, you have two choices:

Choice #1: Continue to move with the herd.

Maybe see your agility and speed increase…

Maybe not.

Maybe you stay the same, and you get passed up on for new opportunities, scholarships, invitations to play for a different club.

Complacency is tragic.

Choice #2: You step away from the herd.

While all of your teammates go home to play Call of Duty after practice,

You take that extra step and head to the weight room.

The smell of the iron is in the air.

You perform sprinting mechanics drills with focus.

Broad jumps and bounds with intensity.
Then you hit the weights with vigor.

Yeah, you might be a little more sore than your teammates the next day.

But it’s worth it.

Because slowly, your ability level will inch past them.

Speed, agility, power.

They won’t notice at first.

But one day, you’ll outmuscle someone to secure the winning goal, or out-pace someone in a foot race, or just embarrass someone with your skillfulness, and all of your hard work will slap your teammates in the face.

Your teammates won’t be able to ignore it any longer.

You Outworked Them

Congratulations in advance:


You Outworked Them

Congratulations in advance:


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